Collaborating together

Telling your story through a powerful visual experience

Fully dedicated to creating an unforgettable visual experience, I provide full-service video production from any location in the world. Specialising in time lapse and hyper lapse cinematography, I push the limits to make your film, TV, and commercial content unique to your audience.

Using ultra high-definition cameras, I’m able to capture the highest quality content (up to 8k) and create engaging visual stories to captivate your audience. Of course great visual content goes hand in hand with a strong narrative, and I strive to deliver this new style of video work that will set you apart from your competition.

Revealing locations in a fascinating manner

Making your event resume go viral

Showcasing Art with hyperlapse


” We have created a brand new website, photos and a promotional video of our chalet to finally do our place justice. It is now all visible and clear and we can justify the price increase.

Timelapse photography helped us to show our chalet in the most modern way, it is a more dynamic presentation. It makes you appreciate the beautiful surroundings like clouds moving over the mountains. It shows better how stunning the place is!

I absolutely loved working with Yohann. He had great ideas and were very flexible. He listened to us and our needs and were always available and whatever he would say he would deliver on time. I cannot recommend Yohann enough and would not change anything in how we collaborated. I wish it was that easy to work with other people”

Justyna Wood, Owner of Chalet la Sache, Tignes

“We worked with Yohann for the first time a few years ago during a 4 days live painting session.

He understood immediately our world and proposed visual solutions to our needs. The final result was bluffing and the video made more than 100k views on social medias. We missed this kind of viral content until we worked together.

Very professional, Yohann is also very friendly. We renewed our collaboration several times and our last work with BMW allowed us to propose a video that no one had never seen before, thanks to Yohann”

Mathieu Monniot & Hugo Milla, Artists, Paris


“Thanks to Yohann’s expertise and advices, we were able to showcase our projects in a lively and original way. The videos that he created allowed us to find and internal support and to promote our innovations to our customers.

The time lapse technique is very interesting to make the audience aware of the work done to end up to the result they know. High quality visuals as timelapse are also very popular on social networks”

Audrey Risicato, External Communication Manager at SNCF Gares & Connexions, Lyon